Vision: adding values; enhancing lives and businesses and transforming communities

Mission: to educate, celebrate and promote startups and other  businesses and other professions doing great thrings on the African continent. We do this by encouraging dialogue across platforms, providing leadership, and legislative intervention for transformative impact.


  1. To Provide Leadership:

There is lack of leadership and hope for young people on our continent. People are disillusioned, both young and old, with nothing to inspire them or give them hope. In spite of this and the multitude of challenges facing Africa, we still have people doing their best to succeed, thrive and make their own contributions to their societies eve in the face of governments failure to put solid structures in place for SMEs.

  1. To Provide Education/Inspiration:

Educate small business owners and prospective owners in their entrepreneurial journey. We will also do the research and let them know the opportunities available to grow their business, from government agencies, NGOs including international organizations we believe they can benefit from in terms of training, resources, funding partnerships etc. We will be bringing training and coaching from people running successful business across Africa so they can learn from those experiences. 

  1. To Spotlight Businesses:

Recognizing and encouraging these small businesses, acknowledging their contributions to their communities. 

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