The Profile of Mrs. Oyifijeh Roseline Aadum

Fijeh Roseline Aadum is an enterprise and human capital development expert, business mentor and an award winning bestselling author. She is the Founder, Fijeh Roseline Aadum Foundation and host of The Start-Up Dialogue Podcast.

Her books are best sellers amongst entrepreneurs, people in the business community and self-development enthusiasts.

She has a deep passion to bringing about change in The African narrative; She has pursued this goal by supporting entrepreneurs, transforming businesses, developing transformational leaders and helping clients to achieve extra ordinary results in life and business.

She launched FRAFoundation in 2015 with a vision to aid economic and national development across Africa. The Foundation is committed to Enterprise Development and Disadvantaged Groups.

In partnership with our sponsors, as at today, the foundation has offered mentorship and support to over 1,000 youths and provided financial support to over a 135 individuals. The foundation is involved in entrepreneurship training and empowerment in disadvantaged areas like the North-East and The South-south parts of the of Nigeria.

She is the host of The Convener of The Invest Nigeria Summit and The Start-Up Dialogue.

Fijeh Roseline holds an MBA from London Metropolitan University. 

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