The Start-Up Dialogue Podcast is Business Education platform for the Modern African Entrepreneur where we have conversations around Business Start-Up, Business growth and Community Impact.

The podcast has also evolved to be a platform where we learn through hearing other people’s stories and experiences. We actively work to educate our audience to facilitate breaking the cycle of poverty and economic challenges like unemployment that have become a plague across Africa.

Unlike most podcasts that focus on interviews with successful and popular people, we interview both the successful people who have impacted communities across Africa, but also interview the struggling business community so that we are better able to translate the wisdom of experience of the successful to actionable steps for the struggling young businesses to help them go from struggle to impact. There is no flop on this podcast, all we are doing is taking a journey together to find the intersection between a successful and impactful business and the struggling business. 

We are ecstatic that you have chosen to take this journey with us. Welcome!!!

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